If you were wondering which career I dove into and never looked back well it had to be Nursing. I’ve always been the caretaker type. Even as a child when people thought they were looking over me I was playing the old switcha-a-roo and it was actually the other way around. And boy nursing has been quite an interesting adventure. First you have to go through that roller coaster ride they call “Nursing School.” I mean it wasn’t all bad; I had my ups and downs but I’m pretty sure I had more nervous break downs than anything else. Ah yes how can you graduate nursing school without having a few break downs; I think it’s apart of the curriculum or something like that. Anyways I digress. At this point of my life I spent at least 12 hours a day just studying nonstop so if you do the math there wasn’t much room for fun. Meaning I was borderline of becoming insane. Thank goodness I adopted a dog.

Oh yes he was a little cutie wasn’t he… well he grew. He grew into a massive dog. But still a very adorable massive dog. Back to nursing! Right when I felt completed defeated and at the peak of my self doubt in life I graduated!

Nursing pinning ceremony

From that moment on I felt unstoppable career-wise. I was moving up much more quickly than I ever expected! Nowadays you can find me in the Intensive Care Unit. I have had many great opportunities through my career. Nursing has pushed me to keep moving forward and to never look back. However I was so obsessed with learning everything about the human body and how it worked I lacked some basic social skills which made me awkward at times. And then I finally had a breakthrough! I was about to travel for the first time in my life! But you’ll have to wait for next blog entry to find out what happened πŸ˜‰

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