Once upon a time little Jazzy Jeff had become a pro in soccer; so much so that he could’ve very well made it to the big leagues! You see he started very young and legend has it he was really good at it.

However as the years passed he slowly started to lose love for the sport. Way down the line in the midst of trying to find a new hobby he revisited soccer once more. This time he had his own little team, Hope Solo! Hope Solo included Mr. Worldly John, the Cuz cuz Dani, Mr. Intense Cristian; all these guys had known each other for years. The other members initially were all strangers so I don’t really have nicknames for them except for one and they were Oliver, Walter the goalie, Johnson, and Pikachu. Johnson’s warmups were hilarious it always looked like he was twerking or getting ready for a booty shaking music video 😂. I really enjoyed watching these guys play every Wednesday it was so fun to be their little cheerleader. Cristian would always play with these tiny shorts they looked almost like booty shorts showing off his skinny little legs. I always thought the guys were playing every Wednesday just for fun. But things took a turn when they started getting tired of losing almost every game. The competitive side started kicking in especially for Oliver and Jazzy Jeff. I mean in the team’s defense they a had a few members on the team that weren’t pros at playing soccer. Like Mr. Worldly John he was more of a basketball guy; prior to Hope Solo he never played soccer. And then you had Pikachu, great guy but he would just run all over the field. There was a lack of coordination and everyone wanted to be the star that shot the winning goal. Hope Solo were quickly becoming the underdogs. They had only beat one team known as the Dads. Whoah, I didn’t think there could be a team that bad. However they manage to exceed at being the worst team in the league; talk about no coordination whatsoever. It was funny to see them run around in their pink shirts. They literally looked like dads that worked a 9 to 5 office job but not like a cool dad more like Brad Whitaker from that movie Daddy’s Home. So anyone that played them knew it was a guaranteed win; technically you can’t really count that as a true win. After a lot of unwon battles Jazzy Jeff came up with a plan to change the layout of the field to hopefully go for the win! It was a little tough to get everyone on the same page since like I mentioned before everyone wanted to be a star. With this layout technically only Oliver would be the main one kicking the goals. But everyone agreed and went along with the plan. Hope Solo was going against the My Little Pony team and boy were they good. They were like one of the top teams in the league. I had my doubts because c’mon it was My Little Pony they had barely any losses. And so the game began and Hope Solo’s defense was doing great all thanks to Jazzy Jeff he was blocking all of My Little Pony’s members he was on fire! Oliver came along like a little ninja and shot the first goal whoot whoot. That’s when things started to get interesting. My Little Pony were in complete shock they for sure thought Hope Solo wouldn’t even get one goal pass them. Half time came around and the score was 1-0 Hope Solo was doing awesome for the very first time against a really good team! All they needed to do was keep it up. Both teams got back on the field and you could cut the tension with a knife. Hope Solo was so close to tasting victory but My Little Pony wouldn’t allow their pride to take a lost. They had a few close moments where they almost made a goal but thanks to Walter the goalie they couldn’t get one in! All of sudden Cuz Cuz Dani decided that he wanted to be a star too and swayed from the plan; he busted an unexpected move that got Hope Solo their second goal just a few minutes before the game was over! Hope Solo did it! They got their huge victory! They weren’t the underdogs anymore! Check out the link below to see actual footage of Hope Solo’s Amazing Victory! 👇🏻



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