Hello there everyone! In order to get a gist of the method behind my madness you first have to get to know who I am. Well I spent the majority of my life dedicating way too much time on school and my career; I mean it definitely paid off. I can’t complain of what I have been able to achieve thus far. However, I had no idea what fun was. I was that nerdy girl that barely went out. Up until not too long ago, 2 years to be exact, I hadn’t even left the state (the sunny state; if you were wondering.) Luckily! I met some amazing people that changed the definition of fun and adventure altogether! Since then a lot has changed especially my perspective on things. I am making this blog – journal to help people kick the nerves to the side and try something new. I want to connect with people across the world and hopefully teach each other a few things along the way. Let’s step out of our comfort zone and start living in the moment!

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